Hi, and thank you for your visit.  My Salesforce journey started in 2009.  It was early in my tenure running the Columbia MBA Alumni Club in DC, I learned about Salesforce.org’s donation program and presto.  I had always been a data geek, mind you, but between cloud collaboration –no more worries about versioning! —  and the AppExchange, where within 90 seconds you could be testing an offering in your sandbox, I was kid in a candy shop happy!

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Darren S. Kowitt, MBA

With a background in non-profit fundraising as a Raiser’s Edge Administrator, I found Non-Profit Edition (NPE, as it was known back then) intuitive,  its reporting capabilities superior.  The power to customize in Salesforce is what was most impressive, and  always front and center of my mind and my efforts.  But let’s be realistic:  the Columbia alumni base for the region was around 1,300 constituents, and our volunteer Salesforce user base about 4.  So it must have been my integration experience with Novell’s Cambridge Technology Partners that accounted for being hired to work on a Convio Luminate (white-label Salesforce instance) at AARP for the grass roots advocacy database of 11MM constituents.  Only at AARP would that be considered small, but it’s true: the main householding database, Konnex, had about 120 million in it — causing us to quip: about 90 million of whom are alive. It wasn’t surprising that the 3-system 2-full-cycle data propagation integration between Konnex, Luminate/Salesforce and Convio Online Marking would be complicated and messy, with lots of test cases.  But what was odd about that instance was: how large the cloud data storage was (rumor had it that we were second only to Komen Foundation) and how few users there were.  It was basically a centralized campaign assignment and response tracking tool (with Jaspersoft integration).  Approvals. Custom workflows, few and far between. Biggest repetitive tasks were appending third party/vendor data to the constituent records as activities and campaign responses.

Since then, I’ve de-fiddler-crabbed my expsoure to Salesforce, balancing my foundational non-profit expertise with solid commercial instance experience in Wealth Management, Software Sales & Licensing, and Real Estate.

In any case, again thanks for your visit and your attention.

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