Mailchimp for Salesforce on AppExchange: Major Fail

Sandbox App Screenshot

The app doesn’t work if you have set – irrevocably, as we all remember – your custom login domain, in this case

Salesforce - Enterprise Edition (3)
All excited to integrate and start marketing

IF you try to auhhenticate from here, you get an error.

Whereas in a Sandbox, it works just fine. Annoying.

Sandbox App Screenshot
Sandbox Screenshot post-authentication

Salesforce - Enterprise Edition _ Salesforce (2)

D Tyler _ Salesforce

View Member _Darren@padp.org_ _ MailChimp
All the fun clickstream analytics!

Admittedly, MailChimp is on it.

As you can see below, and they do clarify the situation perfectly, except in on eregard: timing for a fix. Ugh.

[MailChimp] Re_ Installing Mailchimp for (1)

Hopefully soon.

Salesforce NPSP Volunteer Training Deliverable

The thought of letting volunteers into the PilotLightChefs Salesforce NPSP instance as users for entering gifts was too terrible to contemplate until I created a restricted volunteer profile that prevented them from doing any harm.

Here’s how I welcomed them into the fold.

Microsoft Sway Tip:  Scroll down and then zoom to full-screen to manually key through the deck’s slides.