Sweetness! Quick-n-dirty segments in MailChimp

With the magic phrase “automatic de-duping” for a form field you can just paste from excel or a local CSV. Neat.

You can export a list from your CRM, open it in Excel, create a pivot table or perform some other data magic tricks, then copy-paste your results right into this field. We’ll automatically exclude any emails that are not actively subscribed in that MailChimp list.

Segments created by pasting a list are saved as static segments for future use.

Link to MailChimp blog here.

#CirrusPath Raises the Bar & Brings Google Closer to Salesforce

I’ve been playing with Yesware for a bit, where I’m a member of a Yesware team provisioned by a client.  I like the Yesware interface, and its easy integration with Salesforce.  And of course, the control freak in one gets addicted to the intel on when your missives are read (and re-read because they’re just that good).  But just as I was getting ready to subscribe, I diligently took one more look through the app exchange, where I found that Cirrus Insight basically matches Yesware feature for feature (with the added bonus of having experience and opinions on both offerings).


What really stood out, however, was Cirrus GoogleDrive<–>Salesforce integration:  unimaginatively named Cirrus Files.

CirrucPresentation Cover copy copy
It’s a great offering; don’t be put off by the me-too trendy visuals.
























As they pointed out somewhere in their mess of a site (the worst part of the entire experience is their website’s rather incoherent information architecture, with menus changing unexpectedly and rather jarring shifts in graphic design style: see contrasts below) Salesforce storage is costly; Google Drive is dirt cheap, and is easier to configure for collaboration with parties external to your organization.  So, intrigued, I downloaded yet another package and set it up. (Kudos, kids: your video instructions are really in a pedagogical sweet-spot)

It only took a few minutes to deliver this result:

Your Google Drive files - even if not on your official corporate domain -- are pulled into the key SF page layouts (Account, Contact, Opportunity, Case, Lead) )
Your Google Drive files – even if not on your official corporate domain — are pulled into the key SF page layouts (Account, Contact, Opportunity, Case, Lead) )

#Skuid, #Salesforce.com, #Usability

SKUID is a nifty AppExchange Offering that enables you to transform this long, scroll-intensive page

Standard Salesforce Account Page Layout
Click for Full-Size


to this much more friendly view

SKUIDIFY it - tabbed view of the same page
Much Less Overwhelming, Eh?


No doubt, I’ll be writing more about this, and their lovely data model tools.

A New Business Intelligence Hub for CBS Alumni

The user experience is calculatedly thus:

Enticing hints of what’s contained within – along with realistic expectation setting for something published so publicly.

So, after the movie explains why our ‘chaperoned’ romp through partially disguised data allows an alum in networking or job search mode to identify some prospects/targets, indicate their choices to a club administrator who balances privacy concerns against a stronger, more robust network by asking the target alums for specific permission to share (fortunately it’s almost always given)

Then on to a couple of reports & visualizations, all the while exhorting the alum to register for an access-controlled site for supervised exploration.

Salesforce Contacts, Employer Accounts and Non-Profit Edition Relationships carry the majority of the payload — supplemented by visualization tools like Google Maps Engine and SharePoint 2013’s robust security settings.

Click on the image to take a look at the public offerings.

The New CBS Business Intelligence Hub
The New CBS Business Intelligence Hub