InboxVudu: Join me in the Mystery…

Use this link and we both get instant access to contextual artificial intelligence analysis of your inbox – but, unlike Inbox proper, it works for a google apps domain.

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Usability Matters: Material Design (Leaks)

Because it’s hard (but certainly not impossible) to separate functionality from usability, Material Design has had me rather chomping at the bit. It inches closer each day as October winds down (perhaps a driving reason for selecting Google Music: Orange!), and should ship with Nexus 9 on November 3.

Not quite as quirkily endearing as My MSFT Metro aesthetic, Material Design is certainly crisp & firmly intelligible.


Google Alerts Interface Updated

New & Flat: Google Alerts

It is easier on the eyes to be sure.  Hints of Material Design’s vaunted flatness.

Now let’s hope the do something to address the way the results delivered nowadays seem less impressive than those from 2 years ago.  Hard to quantify in retrospect – but it’s a notable, and often-discussed, trend & shortcoming.


Simple. Elegant. Clean. The New Google Alerts Interface
Simple. Elegant. Clean.
The New Google Alerts Interface


Nicer Controls Too
Nicer Controls Too