#TaskRay in #Salesforce: I’m Loving IT

Favorite Project Management Tool

Project Management in TaskRay is simply too wonderful. It does take a little bit of time to configure properly. But it’s so sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

See this Gallery.

One of the great things about having non-profit clients is that the donates 10 free licenses, a donation the same size (if not the same $ value) as the Salesforce.org non-profit donation. So all your users get this very fancy tool, for free. Fun all around.

And Life Wouldn’t Be Complete and Easy without a Custom Action to Log Billable Time and Pre-Populate Fields for Minimal User Intervention

This is brief. Gotta get back to analyzing data flows. Two new clients this week.

They Weren’t Kidding about CPQ Quote Line Editing

I love function-specific trailhead/developer organizations – they make you feel like you’re standing on a promontory surveying immeasurable potential before you.

But I almost want to complain about this little throw-away of a white lie in the CPQ Trailhead:

The first time the page loads, it can take a few minutes. Subsequent page loads are faster.


So far it’s been over ten minutes, in both Chrome and Firefox. With no state changes on the interface whatsoever to suggest to you what is going on.

The Offending Passage

Is almost inconsequential compared to the offending experience. I don’t know what to do.

The Interminable Wait

The Joys of Task Ray Project Management In Salesforce

Working with a new non-profit client, and just as it’s lovely that Salesforce.org will donate licenses to non-profits, Task-Ray — my favorite of the Project Management tools on Salesforce — has a 10 license donation program as well.

Here are some screenshots of this very sleek tool.

Mystery of the Phantom (Guest Site User) Flow Finally Solved

Mystery of the Phantom (Guest Site User) Flow Finally Solved

Volunteers for Salesforce is a very nifty AppExchange offering for the NPSP Salesforce org. Create a site, create guest user license for people registering on that site. And they can interact with and create records in Salesforce.



Salesforce For Volunteers – Darren Kowitt
Click on the image above to go to to the live exposed Force.com Site

Volunteers for Salesforce Force.com Site
A view of the Sign-Up portion of the Volunteers for Salesforce Force.com Site

Except when you get a flow error every time but know that you deleted the flow in question. So the notion of “delete” in the Force.com platform is celarly at least a little problematic.  But a PowerOfUs Hub user mentioned something about default record types in the Guest User/Volunteer profile – and lo and behold that was it.

Now it works like a charm.