Mystery of the Phantom (Guest Site User) Flow Finally Solved

Mystery of the Phantom (Guest Site User) Flow Finally Solved

Volunteers for Salesforce is a very nifty AppExchange offering for the NPSP Salesforce org. Create a site, create guest user license for people registering on that site. And they can interact with and create records in Salesforce.



Salesforce For Volunteers – Darren Kowitt
Click on the image above to go to to the live exposed Site
Volunteers for Salesforce Site
A view of the Sign-Up portion of the Volunteers for Salesforce Site

Except when you get a flow error every time but know that you deleted the flow in question. So the notion of “delete” in the platform is celarly at least a little problematic.  But a PowerOfUs Hub user mentioned something about default record types in the Guest User/Volunteer profile – and lo and behold that was it.

Now it works like a charm.