Material Design Arrived on my Android Nexus 5

Material Design Flatness is Soothingly Pleasing
Material Design Flatness is Soothingly Pleasing

It’s somewhat hard not to notice and not to appreciate the difference.

Good work, G!

Usability Matters: Material Design (Leaks)

Because it’s hard (but certainly not impossible) to separate functionality from usability, Material Design has had me rather chomping at the bit. It inches closer each day as October winds down (perhaps a driving reason for selecting Google Music: Orange!), and should ship with Nexus 9 on November 3.

Not quite as quirkily endearing as My MSFT Metro aesthetic, Material Design is certainly crisp & firmly intelligible.

google-music-md-3 Track Changes Feature: Usable & Easy on Eyes

I like the before and after tracking. Not that our processes contain so many touchpoints that dozens are waiting upon reports such as this. Still, it’s nifty, direct and to the actionable point: to see how proofing catches things that are corrected with version updates. Great way to document to your team that you’ve done what they’ve pointed out.

Nice touch!