The Magic of Inline Editing With A List View

Funny how powerful tools are often right under one’s nose.
Salesforce InLine List Editing

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I love the inline editing feature with list views. Yet, it seems to be a feature that many admins forget about and even more users don’t use.

Last week, I showed one of my sales users who she can make quick edits of her contacts and do mass updates using a list view. She was astounded. It surprised me enough I sent the following tweet.

It was suggested this become a blog post. So here we are. Let’s take a look at the requirements for inline editing and why it is awesome

Why it is awesome

Sometimes Administrators can forget what it’s like to be an end user. Yes it can be quick to simply edit a record…

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Avida & Biology “In Silico” — Computer Simulations of Molecules as Information Transmitters

From Information Theory And The Origin of Life in Medium

Transcending the limits of chemistry in analyzing life as an homeostasis-preserving, entropy-fighting phenomenon.

The power of unified ideas and history is humbling.

Facebook Insights – for a bi-lingual Interpretation/Translation Services firm

Ok, so have some work to do to take the LLC/English-language side of the house up to speed.

But it’ll be fun.

Facebook Insights for a Client in Japan
Facebook Insights for a Client in Japan

Sweetness! Quick-n-dirty segments in MailChimp

With the magic phrase “automatic de-duping” for a form field you can just paste from excel or a local CSV. Neat.

You can export a list from your CRM, open it in Excel, create a pivot table or perform some other data magic tricks, then copy-paste your results right into this field. We’ll automatically exclude any emails that are not actively subscribed in that MailChimp list.

Segments created by pasting a list are saved as static segments for future use.

Link to MailChimp blog here.