Connect to the NYC Taxi Trip data in Google BigQuery using Tableau

This sounds like something for me to look into…

Data Blending

Chris Whong (@chris_whong) had an interesting data journey which resulted in getting legal access (via FOIL) for the data file of the New York City’s Taxi & Limo Commission (TLC)’s full 2013 taxi tripsheet data. The ensuing collaborations continued the data as bit-torrent files, then as flat files, and more recently as a Google BigQuery project.

From here, I’ll show how to connect Tableau 8.2 to this large data set stored in Google BigQuery. After setting up the required Google account (aka gmail), this data should be freely accessible. Test access to it first through the Google BigQuery Browser tool.  [ ]. If it’s accessible there then Tableau access will work since it uses the same authentication. Once confirmed, here are the Tableau connection steps:


Step 1. In Tableau (I’m using 8.2 Mac), begin by selecting the Google BigQuery connection type. The Google Account prompt will appear. Enter credentials and accept the dialog for app…

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