A New Business Intelligence Hub for CBS Alumni

The user experience is calculatedly thus:

Enticing hints of what’s contained within – along with realistic expectation setting for something published so publicly.

So, after the movie explains why our ‘chaperoned’ romp through partially disguised data allows an alum in networking or job search mode to identify some prospects/targets, indicate their choices to a club administrator who balances privacy concerns against a stronger, more robust network by asking the target alums for specific permission to share (fortunately it’s almost always given)

Then on to a couple of reports & visualizations, all the while exhorting the alum to register for an access-controlled site for supervised exploration.

Salesforce Contacts, Employer Accounts and Non-Profit Edition Relationships carry the majority of the payload — supplemented by visualization tools like Google Maps Engine and SharePoint 2013’s robust security settings.

Click on the image to take a look at the public offerings.

The New CBS Business Intelligence Hub
The New CBS Business Intelligence Hub



Two Harvard University Alum Win Salesforce $1M Hackathon Prize At Dreamforce For Mobile Service To Create Reports

would have been nicer had they been from Yale


Two developers who met at Harvard University 15 years ago are the winners of the Salesforce.com $1 million hackathon for its service to create mobile reports for sales people using the Salesforce.com platform.

The app, called Upshot, was developed by Thom Kim and Joseph Turian. The service parses data in plain English, connects via API and then presents results for the smartphone or tablet user.

Users can also use Google’s voice capability to do queries.

[Editor’s note: This post originally left out the fact that at least one person on the winning team had previously been a long-time Salesforce employee.

This was disclosed onstage, and  the author self-disclosed as a hackathon judge at the end of this post.

This was a serious omission, and we’ve updated the post. Salesforce also provided the five finalists for the judges, and didn’t disclose that the app had been live for many months — normally hackathons don’t allow that.

Salesforce has explained its…

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LinkedIn is My Social Medium of Choice

While on the west coast last week, I made the pilgrimage to Mountain View and saw the Googleplex and also LinkedIn’s HQ, where I met up with a Columbia Alum to pitch myself as an SME for some product functionality ideas that have been germinating in my head for quite some time.  We’ll see how that goes.  But for now, I want to tout my own horn with the growth of the two Columbia Alumni Groups I’ve been stewarding.

Click the image to visit the dynamic stats page
Click the image to visit the dynamic stats page

and Columbia University Club of Washington DC (CUCDC)

Statistics about Columbia University Club of Washington DC   LinkedIn



Great News re: Office 365 (webapps) – Simultaneous Editing Collaboration

Like what we remember that first awesome time using Google Docs on a personal email account back in 2008 or so.

Can’t wait to see if they’ve actually fixed the awful formatting that invariably seems to sneak in when using the webapps.  Will report back.

Good news from MSFT for Office365 Web Apps